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Hello tumblr.

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Well since last I wrote and you had read, my computer broke down, and I’ve been too busy to get it fixed. Itll probably be the better part of a week before I able to, so don’t forget about me! I’ll be back soon. Until then I’m gonna spam your dashes with some stuff I find interesting. For instance, I just read this cool article about the librarian candidite for president, makes you think, I’ll post the link. Anyway, feel free to send me your questions?

Live to satisfy yourself. If your honest with yourself you know when you’ve done a good job at something. If you’ve earned it, don’t be afraid to show that you have made yourself proud.
You gotta stick with it, determination is key, with enough of it no failure is too great to overcome. Be realistic when setting goals. Being to hard on yourself can make you discouraged with the results you are seeing. Transforming your body is very challenging and a huge time commitment but it will be one of the most rewarding thing you will ever accomplish.
Don’t regret not making the most out of your workout. Use every minute you’re in the gym. Make it count!
Life is about consistently improving ourselves. We cannot do that if we never change anything.
Stop wasting time and start making changes. There is no “tomorrow” or “I’ll do it later”. Get off the couch, log off tumblr and go start sweating. If you don’t do it NOW then you wont ever do it. So JUST DO IT. You wont regret it.
I haven’t posted a photo update since June, and I’ve been working really hard, so I thought I should share my progress with all of you. If you go back far enough on my blog you can see the improvements. I’ve shed some fat and gained some muscle (which is the goal). I don’t measure or weigh myself so I have no actual stats. I just base my progress off of how I look and how I feel. And I feel great and I’d say I look it too (I am my biggest fan). I am super happy with my gains when it comes to  functional strength, which as of late has been my main goal. I’ve really tried to avoid isolation exercises (exercises that work a single muscle group and I’ve increased my use of kettle bells. At times they are all I use. I’ll post another update soon, maybe not, that’s what I said last time and it took me two months, but whatever. Because when I do, I hope you’re prepared to have your minds blown! Don’t forget to send me all your questions. I haven’t been getting many lately and I really enjoy helping you guys in any way I can. And tell me what you think of my progress. Have a good day and a good upcoming weekend everyone!