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Don’t regret not making the most out of your workout. Use every minute you’re in the gym. Make it count!
Life is about consistently improving ourselves. We cannot do that if we never change anything.

fightforfit-aimforhealth asked: You're funny and super positive and I love it! A lot of the -active- fitness blogs I follow post a lot of depressing and negative stuff and it just brings me downnnn, man. I like positivity! Keep up the good work, kind sir! :P

Negativity is my biggest pet peeve, on and off tumblr. I understand some people use social media as a refuge to “vent”. However, life gives us curve balls and it is our duty to strike out and walk to the dugout, head held straight with optimism, feeling ready for another chance. This is how you get stronger, (by failing) so the next time you’re in the batter’s box you can make contact with whatever gets thrown at you. If you’re too busy dwelling in your sorrows you won’t ever have the opportunity to address them and improve yourself. It’s all about self improvement, inside and out.

Life happens, for all of us, and in no way does bringing light or magnifying the significance of the situation help you get over it. That’s what I call complaining. And we all know the #1 RULE… NO COMPLAINING! For me it goes like this, your thoughts become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your character, and your character is who you are. So it all starts from a thought. This makes sense when you consider that most of the “negative” fitness blogs you see are consistently negative (oh I see them too).

We should all be honest with ourselves and realize we have room to improve. If you’re being negative, call yourself out.  Say, “Damn Self, STOP BEING NEGATIVE, think positive”. Make the necessary changes. If you hate your job but can’t leave, WELL WHAT SENSE IS THERE IN COMPLAINING ABOUT IT, SUCK IT UP AND DEAL, and work hard to find a job you will like. If someone’s actions are not to your liking, well either tell them or let it go. If you don’t tell them, Karma will give them what they deserve. But if you’re stooping just as low in your vengeance, well karma may pay you a visit on its next time around.

I could go on and on about this subject but I’ll stop there. Thanks for bringing this up fightforfit-aimforhealth. It’s been a topic I wanted to write about in the past. And thanks! I’ll definitely keep it up and hopefully get more people on the board with the positivity. As “motivators” none of us should be doing anything that will make someone feel down. And when you go to a place to be and see positive, and you see negative it can be a downer for sure. So keep your thoughts positive and watch how your surroundings will change.

Have a great day everyone!!

Stop wasting time and start making changes. There is no “tomorrow” or “I’ll do it later”. Get off the couch, log off tumblr and go start sweating. If you don’t do it NOW then you wont ever do it. So JUST DO IT. You wont regret it.
I haven’t posted a photo update since June, and I’ve been working really hard, so I thought I should share my progress with all of you. If you go back far enough on my blog you can see the improvements. I’ve shed some fat and gained some muscle (which is the goal). I don’t measure or weigh myself so I have no actual stats. I just base my progress off of how I look and how I feel. And I feel great and I’d say I look it too (I am my biggest fan). I am super happy with my gains when it comes to  functional strength, which as of late has been my main goal. I’ve really tried to avoid isolation exercises (exercises that work a single muscle group and I’ve increased my use of kettle bells. At times they are all I use. I’ll post another update soon, maybe not, that’s what I said last time and it took me two months, but whatever. Because when I do, I hope you’re prepared to have your minds blown! Don’t forget to send me all your questions. I haven’t been getting many lately and I really enjoy helping you guys in any way I can. And tell me what you think of my progress. Have a good day and a good upcoming weekend everyone! 

Hey guys,

I’ve been really busy lately and haven’t been keeping up with my post. I’ll be back soon, promise. Hope everyone is well.

Anonymous asked: How do you form one of those solid and shaped chests???

By focusing on your chest. Incline press, pushups, etc.