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Hello tumblr.

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Well since last I wrote and you had read, my computer broke down, and I’ve been too busy to get it fixed. Itll probably be the better part of a week before I able to, so don’t forget about me! I’ll be back soon. Until then I’m gonna spam your dashes with some stuff I find interesting. For instance, I just read this cool article about the librarian candidite for president, makes you think, I’ll post the link. Anyway, feel free to send me your questions?

Live to satisfy yourself. If your honest with yourself you know when you’ve done a good job at something. If you’ve earned it, don’t be afraid to show that you have made yourself proud.
You gotta stick with it, determination is key, with enough of it no failure is too great to overcome. Be realistic when setting goals. Being to hard on yourself can make you discouraged with the results you are seeing. Transforming your body is very challenging and a huge time commitment but it will be one of the most rewarding thing you will ever accomplish.

little-bronze-statue-deactivate asked: I just joined a gym. I've been working out at home for the past year now and it helped me lose 33 pounds and I have 35 more to go. I know how to use machines but I don't know if I should work on one muscle group at a time, or all of them on the same day. Any tips, websites, or apps that you think could help me? Thankies :)

I’ve been adding more functional strength exercises to my routines. These exercises tend to not focus on just one muscle group but a wide range of them. Pushups, pull ups, dips and squat are a few examples. There are a lot more especially if you can use kettle bells. Google functional strength exercises and you should get some answers. Don’t forget to eat clean as well, this will substantially speed up your results. Hope that helps!

Anonymous asked: im a girl& im a size 16 is it possible for my to lose alot of weight and get into like bodybuilding?x

Of course it’s possible. You just have to want it. Be dedicated and never give up.

Anonymous asked: You're blog is cool. It inspires me to work out more. btw, do you know anything about skiing? I live in Alaska and our winter is about 9 months long! I want to beat cabin feaver this year!

I know a little bit about skiing. A strong core helps a lot. But the bulk of my knowledge of skiing is that it is hella fun.

transluzent asked: yay for your reply on negativity :) you are so right! my main motto for life is always 'try to think positively'. of course i am human and sometimes feel down. if the reason for feeling blue is legitimate i allow myself to cry and let it out to clean my soul, but i won't let it hold me back. i always pick myself up. i must, in order to live a pleasant life. and why would anyone want to chose to lead a miserable life? thoughts can be trained, just like muscles :)

Exactly! Everyone has the choice. You decide what you think and how things get to you.

geongang-deactivated20120923 asked: Ignore that anon and keep posting inspiring fitblr stuffs! ^__^

Thanks! Thats the plan :)

Anonymous asked: The worth or value of a human being is not defined by their physical appearance. To have the need to prove something to someone is pathetic. Or to imply that not being fit puts any human being in a negative light is shallow, uneducated, and arrogant. Congratulations. You are a social sheep. Good luck getting far with that disgusting perception of yours. Pretty skin, rotten core.

Look, it’s called a “fitblr”, the whole point of the page is to motivate people to get fit, if someone feels bad about themselves when they look at my page that is out of my hands (maybe they need to check themselves). However, I do not deliberately make people feel bad for not being fit, that’s not what I do. The page is for people who are tired of their situation and want to make a change for the better, through getting fit and healthy. I will tell you though, that if a person wants to get fit and does nothing about it, well then there is some negativity there, this is the truth. It doesn’t make that person a bad person, just not as strong as the person who has shown dedication and perseverance proving only to their self that they can do it. A persons perception of the world and their surroundings is a reflection of their own insecurities (we call this the ego). I’m sorry if my page made you feel bad about yourself and you felt the need to let me know how mad you are at me for doing that but you could have done one thing to keep this whole situation on the “adult” side of things and that is COME OFF ANON. You call me a “social sheep” but you’re being the one worse thing a person can be, that is a coward. For once in your life stand up for what you believe in and show your face. Stop hiding behind the curtain of the internet and back up your beliefs. So message me, just say “I’m the guy” (or gal), and we can talk. Or better yet, LOG OFF & GO RUN. Running for me puts life in perspective; it reminds me that we are all a small piece in a mammoth world with the responsibility to simply be positive and kind to others. It reminds me to live and let live. It reminds me that negative, judgmental people like you exist and the only thing that I can do about that is send positive thoughts their way. So good luck my friend. I hope one day you are able to bypass your ego and find your true self. Then and only then will you be able to receive things for what they truly are, without being mirrored by your negative thoughts.